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About Me
About Me
My name is Narcis Pallares Mulet
I'm from 1986. Currently I'm living at El Perello, Catalonia, Spain.
But two years ago I was living on Michigan USA, and enjoying the t9a cumnity there.
I'm electronic engineer, if you want to know more you can check my linkedin.

The Hobby
We are small grup of players (5) from a small village between Valencia and Barcelona.
We were players of 40k around 2015. But we get tired of the "pay to win mode" of the game.
So we saw that Warhammer fantasy was finishing and T9A ppl start to do independent norms from GW.
One guy told us that the norms where cool and we should test.
We left 40k and since then we only play t9a.
Back these times I already had an army of lizardmens (I did a few games in 7th edition and 8th edition with Lizarmen army), but we really start to play with the t9a. My first test game at warhammer fantasy was 6th edition starter set at Barcelona Games Workshop.
Nowadays I play around 2-3 games per month.
My armies are Lizardmen, Vermin Swarm and Sylavan Elves together with Dread Elves.

From my side the reason that I am a Playtester is to help the people who is doing this project.
Do all this work for free is really amazing and I would like to help and participate.

Personal Details
El Perello
NBA, Guitar, t9a,bike