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About Me
About Me
30 yo - Austria - filmmaker and longtime philosophy student - in the hobby since 2005

Warhammer Fantasy Battles and T9A as it's successor are my main hobbies. My focus in it is on painting my armies, especially my goblins and in collecting old dwarf miniatures. As I have made my degree in transcendental philosophy, I tend to see things dialectic - and T9A is full of dialectic logic, of the formal kind, so I love to analyse and practise it together with my friends. Becoming a part of it, rather than being a bystander is something new, as I've just recently realized that contributing to the project is the best way to make it more of what it already is: The greatest tabletop game to exist.

My recently created youtube channel:

My Homebrew LAB for DH:
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lector, filmmaker
filmmaking, philosophy, WFRP
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