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    [b]Vampiric [/b]- Close Combat
    Attack Attribute for Vampire Covenant

    At the end of each Melee Phase, check and resolve the following effects for all models with Vampiric:
    • Character – If at least one attack with Vampiric made by the Character caused an unsaved wound, the Character
    can make a single Vampiric roll. If successful, the Character Recovers a single Health Point.
    • R&F model – If at least one attack with Vampiric made by a R&F model in the unit caused an unsaved wound,
    the unit can make a single Vampiric roll. If successful, the unit Raises a single Health Point.
    A Vampiric roll is successful if the D6 scores X+, where X is the number stated within brackets. Use only the best
    value if a unit or Character has multiple parts with this Attack Attribute that each caused unsaved wounds. A roll of
    ‘1’ on a Vampiric roll is always a failure and a ‘6’ is always a success. Models with Towering Presence suffer a −2
    modifier to their Vampiric rolls.
    17.A [b]Panic Test[/b]
    A Panic Test is a Discipline Test that a unit has to take immediately after any of the following situations arise:
    • A friendly unit is destroyed within 6″ of the unit (including Fleeing off the board).
    • A friendly unit Breaks from Combat within 6″ of the unit.
    • A friendly unit Flees through the unit’s Unit Boundary.
    • In a single phase, the unit suffers Health Point losses equal to or greater than 25% of the number of Health
    Points that it had at the start of the phase. This does not apply to [lexicon]single model units[/lexicon] that started the game as a
    single [lexicon]model[/lexicon] (i.e. with a starting number of 1 [lexicon]model[/lexicon] on the Army List). Ignore Health Point losses suffered
    while Engaged in Combat. Take the Panic Test immediately after possible casualties have been removed.

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