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    [b]13.K.a Magical Move[/b]
    Some spells or abilities enable a unit to perform a Magical Move. The move is performed as if in step 3 of the
    Movement Phase Sequence (Moving Units), which means that it follows the same rules and restrictions as if this was
    a new Moving Units sub-phase (e.g. Fleeing units, Shaken units, units with Random Movement , or units Engaged in
    Combat cannot move). Actions that a unit could normally do in the Moving Units sub-phase can be made (such as
    Wheeling, Reforming, joining units, leaving units, and so on).

    A Magical Move always has a limited movement range (e.g. “the target may perform a 12″ Magical Move”): the
    target’s Advance Rate and March Rate are always equal to this value for the duration of the move. A unit can only
    perform a single Magical Move per Magic Phase.
    13.C [b]Magic Dice[/b]
    In the Magic Phase, spells are cast and dispelled using a pool of dice called the Magic Dice. The number of Magic Dice each player receives in each Magic Phase is determined by which Flux Cards are drawn (see Flux Cards below) and what decisions are made during Siphon the Veil (see Siphon the Veil)
    3.A [b]Models[/b]
    Models in The 9th Age: Fantasy Battles represent epic warriors, ferocious monsters, and lethal spell casters. Every miniature that stands on the same base is considered the same model (e.g. a dragon and its rider or a cannon and its crewmen are considered a single model).

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    20 Terrain
    20.A Terrain Types
    20.A.a Dangerous Terrain (X)
    20.A.b Opaque Terrain
    20.A.c Covering Terrain
    20.B Terrain Features
    20.B.a Open Terrain
    20.B.b Fields
    20.B.c Forests
    20.B.d Hills
    20.B.e Impassable Terrain
    20.B.f Ruins
    20.B.g Walls
    20.B.h Water Terrain
    20.C Board Edge
    13.J [b]Bound Spells[/b]
    Bound Spells can also be cast by models that are not Wizards, but possessing a Bound Spell does not make a model a Wizard. A Bound Spell is a spell that is usually contained in a magical artefact of some sort. Bound Spells cannot be used to cast Boosted versions of the spell they contain. A Bound Spell containing a spell from a Path with an Attribute also automatically contains the Path Attribute Spell.

    13.J.a Power Level
    13.J.b Casting a Bound Spell
    13.J.b.1 Bound Spell Casting Attempt
    13.J.b.2 Bound Spell Dispelling Attempt
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