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  • 21.A.a.12 Frenzy
    At the start of the Charge Phase, each of your units with at least one model with Frenzy that could declare a Charge against an enemy unit within the unit’s Advance Rate +7″ must take a Discipline Test , called a Frenzy Test. If the test is failed, the whole unit must declare a Charge this Player Turn if possible.
    Frenzy Tests and Restrain Pursuit Tests taken by units with at least one model with Frenzy are subject to Maximised Roll .
    If there are different Advance Rates available in the unit, the Advance Rate used for the Frenzy Test and for the Charge Range is determined as follows:
    • If a model has more than one Advance Rate (e.g. due to Fly ), the model must use the Advance Rate that has the highest chance of completing the Charge.
    • If a unit contains models with different Advance Rates, the unit must use the highest Advance Rate that all models in the unit can use (which will usually be the lowest Advance Rate in the unit).
  • 21.G.b.13 Lightning Reflexes – Close Combat
    A Close Combat Attack with Lightning Reflexes gains a +1 to-hit modifier. Model parts with this Attack Attribute wielding Great Weapons do not gain this +1 to-hit modifier, but strike with the Great Weapon at the Initiative Step corresponding to their Agility instead of always striking at Initiative Step 0.