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    [b]Blood Powers[/b]
    Unique Upgrade for Vampire Covenant

    Vampire Counts and Vampire Courtiers may purchase a unique upgrade called Blood Power. In an army without a Bloodline, called an Independent Army, all Blood Powers are 0–1 per Army. However, in an army with a Bloodline, called a Bloodline Army, only that Bloodline’s powers can be taken. These powers can be duplicated within the army unless specifically stated otherwise.
    [b]Strigoi Bloodline[/b]
    Vampiric Bloodline for Vampire Covenant

    The Vampire gains Fortitude (4+), Hatred, and +1 Health Point, cannot take a mount except for a Shrieking Horror, and may not be equipped with any kind of armour. Vampire Courtiers cannot be upgraded to Wizard Adepts. Vampire Counts cannot be upgraded to Wizard Masters.

    Blood Ties: Ghouls

    The Vampire’s Path access is replaced with: Shamanism

    Ancient Blood Power: Ghoul Lord
    The Vampire, its mount, and all R&F models in its unit gain Poison Attacks. If the unit it joins already had Poison Attacks, all R&F models in the unit wound automatically on a successful natural to-hit roll of 1 less than normal (i.e.5+ instead of 6+).
    [b]Lamia Bloodline[/b]
    Vampiric Bloodline for Vampire Covenant

    The Vampire gains Lightning Reflexes and suffers −1 Attack Value. Enemy units in base contact with one or more Lamia Vampires suffer −1 Agility. If the Vampire is not equipped with Heavy Armour and/or a Shield, it gains Distracting. Duels issued by the Vampire must (if possible) be accepted by a Character unless a Champion accepts first. Enemy model parts without Harnessed in a Duel with the Vampire suffer −1 Attack Value.

    [b]Blood Ties[/b]: Court of the Damned

    The Vampire’s Path access is replaced with: Evocation Witchcraft

    Ancient Blood Power: [b]Commandment [/b]
    The Defensive Skill and Offensive Skill of R&F models in a unit joined by the Vampire are set to 6.
    [b]Von Karnstein Bloodline[/b]
    [b][/b]Vampiric Bloodline for Vampire Covenants

    The Vampire must reroll failed Vampiric rolls, and the presence of one or more Von Karnstein Vampires grants +1 to their side’s Combat Score in any combat which they are Engaged in. Models in the same unit as a Von Karnstein Vampire gain Autonomous. If applicable, the ranges of Commanding Presence and Rally Around the Flag of Von Karnstein Vampires are increased by 6″.

    Blood Ties: Dark Coach
    The Vampire’s Path access is replaced with: Evocation and Occultism

    Ancient Blood Power: Storm Caller
    All units within 12″ of the Vampire gain Hard Target (1).
    [b]Blood Ties[/b]
    Vampiric Bloodline trait for Vampire Covenant

    Certain unit entries in this Army Book include the term Blood Ties, followed by the name of a Bloodline in brackets.
    If the army includes at least one Vampire Count or Vampire Courtier matching the Bloodline written in brackets in a
    unit entry, this unit gains access to the associated Blood Ties option.