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    [b][u]VS LAB PREVIEW AWSR 04[/u][/b]
    [url='']Models[/url] with Black Friday Rush (AWSR 02) in the bearer's unit gains [url='']Commanding Presence[/url] with the following restrictions:
    [list][*]Its range is set to 8".
    [*]Only models with AWSR 02 may benefit from it.
    [*]Discipline Tests using this instance of Commanding Presence are subject to Minimised Roll.
    [b][u]VS LAB PREVIEW AWSR 03[/u][/b]
    HP losses on [url='']Standard[/url] Size [url='']models[/url] with this rule suffered in melee are only counted as a half HP for Combat Score purposes (round fractions up).
    HP losses on [url='']models[/url] with this rule caused by friendly [url='']models[/url] are ignored for Panic (including units wiped out due to attacks from friendly [url='']models[/url]) and for Combat Score.
    [b][u]VS LAB PREVIEW AWSR 02.1[/u][/b]
    RnF [url='']models[/url] in units with this rule with 4 or more Full Ranks gain Fight in Extra Ranks and all natural to-hit rolls of '1' made by RnF [url='']models[/url] hit the [url='']model[/url]'s own unit.
    RnF [url='']models[/url] in units with this rule with 6 or more Full Ranks gain an additional instance of Fight in Extra Ranks.
    [b][u]VS LAB PREVIEW AWSR 01[/u][/b]
    Units consisting entirely of [url='']models[/url] with this rule unit may ignore friendly [url='']Standard[/url] Sized [url='']models[/url] during Advance, March, and Charge Moves. Unit spacing must be followed at the end of the move and units take hits if passed through.
    [b]Putrid Protection[/b]
    Armour Enchantment for Vermin Swarm
    Enchantment: Light Armour.

    The wearer gains +2 Armour. For each successful Armour Save made by the wearer against Melee Attacks, the model that caused the wounding hit immediately suffers 1 hit with Toxic Attacks, before any casualties are removed, distributed onto the model’s Health Pool. This is considered a Special Attack.
    [b]Secrets of the Doom Blade[/b]
    Weapon Enchantment for Vermin Swarm
    Enchantment: Hand Weapon.
    Standard Height Tyrants only.

    Attacks made with this weapon gain Multiple Wounds (D6), become Divine Attacks and Magical Attacks, and their Strength and Armour Penetration are set to 10. At the end of each friendly Player Turn, the wielder suffers 1 hit with Toxic Attacks, which counts as a Melee Attack.