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    #3 spell of[lexicon] Shamanism[/lexicon]
    [color=#FF0000]5+[/color][color=#0000FF][/color][color=#0000FF][/color] [color=#0000FF][/color][9+], [color=#FF0000]18"[/color][color=#0000FF] [/color][color=#0000FF][/color][color=#0000FF][/color][12"Aura], Augment, Instant

    The target performs a 2D6" Magical Move straight forward (it
    cannot move backwards, sidestep, Reform, Pivot or Wheel
    during this move), but it can choose to not move at all or to
    move less than the full distance.
    [color=#0000FF][When more than one unit is affected, roll distance and
    move the unit before rolling distance for the next unit.][/color]
    [b]Swarm of Insects[/b]
    2nd spell on Path of Shamanism
    [color=#FF0000]⟨5+⟩[/color] [color=#0000FF]{8+}[/color], [color=#FF0000]⟨24″⟩[/color][color=#0000FF] {48″}[/color], Damage Hex Missile, Permanent

    Immediately after successfully casting this spell, the target suffers 5D6 hits with Strength 1, Armour Penetration 0, and Magical Attacks. If one or more unsaved wounds are caused, the target suffers −1 to hit with its Shooting Attacks. This spell immediately ends when the target performs an Advance, March, Charge, Failed Charge, or Pursuit Move.
    [b]Wrath of God[/b]
    5th spell on Path of Thaumaturgy
    12+, 96", Ground, Permanent

    Place a counter on the target point. At the end of each subsequent Magic Phase roll a D6; if 1–3 is rolled, add another counter on the same point. If 4–6 is rolled, each unit within (2D6+X)″, where X is equal to the number of counters, suffers 2D6 hits with Strength 5, Armour Penetration 2, and Magical Attacks. If a unit fails a Panic Test forced by the spell, it Flees directly away from the marked point. The spell then ends, remove all counters.
    [b]Smite the Unbeliever[/b]
    2nd spell on Path of Thaumaturgy
    [color=#FF0000]⟨6+⟩[/color] [color=#0000FF]{9+}[/color], 24", Hex, One Turn

    [color=#FF0000]⟨Immediately after successfully casting this spell, roll a D6.⟩[/color] [color=#0000FF]{Choose which effect to apply when casting the spell.}[/color]
    •[color=#FF0000]⟨If 1–3 is rolled,⟩[/color] the target suffers −1 Resilience.
    •[color=#FF0000]⟨If 4–6 is rolled,⟩[/color] the target suffers −1 Strength and −1 Armour Penetration.
    [b]Trial of Faith[/b]
    6th spell on Path of Thaumaturgy
    [color=#FF0000]7+[/color] [color=#0000FF][10+][/color], [color=#FF0000]24"[/color][color=#0000FF] [18"],[/color] Direct Damage Hex [color=#0000FF]Focused Missile[/color], Instant

    The Caster rolls D3+1 and the target rolls D3. If the Caster’s roll is higher, the target suffers a number of hits equal to the difference between their respective rolls. These hits wound automatically with Armour Penetration 10 and Magical Attacks.
    [b]Cleansing Fire[/b]
    4th spell on Path of Thaumaturgy
    [color=#FF0000]5+[/color] [color=#0000FF][8+][/color], [color=#FF0000]Caster[/color] [color=#0000FF][18"][/color], Focused [color=#0000FF][Augment][/color], One Turn

    The target gains Breath Attack (Strength D3+2, Armour Penetration 1, Magical Attacks). (Roll the D3 immediately after successfully casting this spell.) [color=#0000FF]{This spell may only target Characters, Champions, and single model units.}[/color]
    [color=#FF0000][/color][b]Hand of Heaven[/b]
    1st spell on Path of Thaumaturgy
    [color=#FF0000]5+[/color] [color=#0000FF][8+][/color], 24", Hex Missile Damage, Instant

    The target suffers [color=#FF0000]⟨D6⟩[/color] [color=#0000FF]{D6+1}[/color] hits with Strength [color=#FF0000]⟨D6⟩[/color] [color=#0000FF]{D6+1}[/color], Armour Penetration [color=#FF0000]⟨2⟩[/color] [color=#0000FF]{3}[/color], and Magical Attacks.