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  • 21.A.a.1 Ambush
    Units with Ambush may be deployed using Special Deployment rules.

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    21.A.a.1 Ambush
    Units with Ambush may be deployed using Special Deployment rules. All units that will be deployed using the Ambush rule must be declared at step 8 of the Pre-Game Sequence (after Spell Selection), starting with the player that chose their Deployment Zone. Deploy your army as usual, but without the Ambushing units.
    Starting with your Player Turn 2, immediately after step 2 of the each friendly Movement Phase Sequence (after moving units with Random Movement), roll a dice for each of your Ambushing units. After rolling for all Ambushing units, all units that rolled 3+ enter the Battlefield from any Board Edge. Place the arriving units with their Rear Facing in contact and aligned with the Board Edge. Ambushers are subject to the following rules and restrictions:
    • Ambushing models can neither March Move during the Movement Phase in which they arrive, nor can they voluntarily end that Movement Phase farther away from the Board Edge that they arrived from than their March Rate.
    • Ambushing models count as having moved during the turn they arrive on the Battlefield.
    • If an Ambushing unit has not entered the Battlefield before the end of the game (e.g. due to failing all its 3+ rolls), the unit counts as destroyed.
    • An Ambushing unit that enters the Battlefield on Game Turn 4 or later loses Scoring .
    • An Ambushing Character may Ambush within an Ambushing unit that it is allowed to join (declare this when declaring which units are Ambushing). Roll only one dice for the Combined Unit.
    • Until arriving on the Battlefield, Ambushing units cannot perform any actions at all, and all their Special Items, rules, and abilities don’t work while off the board.


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