Path Of Magic

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  • Group of spells
    Each Path consists of 7-9 separate spells. One of these spells is the lore Attribute, all wizards using the Path knows this spell and the spell is automatically cast when another spell from the same Path is successfully cast. Apply the effects of the spell before the attribute. The other spells are numbered 0-6. Spell 0 is the signature spell (wizards can always choose to swap one spell for this spell when randomizing spells, and more than one wizard can know this spell).

    Some spells have more than one casting value. The higher casting value(s) are referred to as the ’boosted’ version of the spell. Sometimes range and/or limits are increased for the boosted version (giving the spell longer range for example), while other times the spell effect can change. Which parts of the spell (limits, type, effects etc) changes with boosted version and which parts stay the same is marked by a grey line. If a row is divided by the line, the relevant part of the spell uses different rules for boosted and non-boosted version of the spell. If the row is not divided, the same rules apply to both versions of the spell.

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