21.A.a.45 War Machine

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  • 21.A.a.45 War Machine

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    21.A.a.45 War Machine
    The model cannot Pursue (which does not prevent it from being affected by Random Movement), declare Charges, or declare Flee Charge Reactions. Characters can never join units with War Machine, and Characters with War Machine cannot join units.

    When a War Machine fails a Panic Test, instead of Fleeing, it is Shaken until the end of the next Player Turn. War Machines that fail a Break Test are automatically destroyed and removed as casualties. War Machines on round bases and units Engaged in Combat with them cannot make Combat Reforms.

    When a unit Charges a War Machine on a round base, it can move into base contact by having its Front Facing contact any point of the War Machine’s base (it must still maximise the number of models in base contact, see “Contact between Objects”, page 10 and figure 32, page 58 ). No align move is allowed.

    When a unit Breaks from Combat and Flees away from a War Machine on a round base, always Pivot the Fleeing unit 180°, so that it’s Rear Facing is in contact with the War Machine’s base. Otherwise follow the normal rules for units Breaking from Combat and Fleeing.

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