Miniatures - State Militia

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  • Anselmus -

    Three notes/questions:

    1) Has nobody checked the Fireforge Northmen range? I belive for multipart plastic bowmen that range offers a very nice option. Also you should crawl the Foundry Miniatures range for swashbuckling guys (and gals?). And definitely add Northstar Ghost Archipelago pirates! And Perry MIniatures' English archers!

    2) Are you sure 36mm minis on 27mm bases are a good thing to promote in a game where the Militia goes on 20mm squares, and the rest of the models are likely 28-32mm? Those archers will look gigantic in the game.

    3) Are you sure the Zenit minatures archers are a feasible choice for ranked/mass fantasy battles? I mean you can find any number of individual, double or triple boxes of metal or resin miniatures with a big price tag on them. Players of a ranked/mass battle game probably do not buy such minis. And then again, if you start on that road, you would have an endless task in listing all the different boxes and blisters of archers. Also from the historical periods.

  • LordNelson -…ghland-clansmen-boxed-set
    These come with a mix of paired weapons, pistols, muskets, bagpipes and a guy that shows his behind

  • Arosy -

    Hi! Anybody found Miniatures of State Militia with pistols avaiable? Or some analogues...