Miniatures - Grenadiers

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Comments 7

  • Petterwass -

    Do any of those actually carry grenades?

    • DiaLogical -

      Hmm in the kickstarter they had other pics I can't really seem to find on their site (for now). Faction is supposed to be coming out this month, IIRC they had armoured gasmask dudes with green globes. That's why I remembered them at least.

    • Petterwass -

      Might want the wait until those models are on sale then.
      Just my opinion.

    • DiaLogical -

      Well these could also work I think. If you're really that big on WYSIWYG I've found some gw rip offs as well.

    • SkavenInAZ -

      @dialogical Gw ripoffs?

    • DiaLogical -

      Talking Chinese clones.. Quality varies.