Bound Spell

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  • Some spells are defined as bound spells. Bound spells can be cast by models or units that are not wizards. Possessing a bound spell does not make a model a wizard.
    Bound spells can never be used to cast boosted versions of spells. Casting a bound spell follows the same rules as casting a regular spell with the exception that no casting modifiers can ever be added to the casting roll (such as Wizard Levels) and that the caster of a bound spell never suffers from Lost Focus. To successfully cast a bound spell, the casting roll must be equal to or higher than the spell's Power Level. The Power Level is essentially the spell’s Casting Value. If a spell has both a Power Level and a regular Casting Value, the Power Level takes precedence. If an Overwhelming Power is rolled when casting a bound spell, do not apply the normal Miscast table. If the bound spell was cast with 3 or less Power Dice, nothing happens (the spell is still cast). if it was cast with 4 or more Power Dice, the spell is lost and cannot be used again during this game.

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