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  • One of the 10 Magic Paths. Consists of the following spells:
    A: Guiding Light
    0: Scrying
    1: Fate’s Judgement
    2: Know Thy Enemy
    3: The Stars Align
    4: Look to the West
    5: Unerring Strike
    6: Portent of Doom
    The Conclave: Spells from Divination gain +3" Range for each other Wizard with non-Bound Spells from Divination,
    within 12" of the Caster. Whenever a Wizard attempting to cast a spell from Divination suffers from Lost Focus, all other
    friendly Wizards with non-Bound Spells from Divination and within 12" of the Caster also suffer from Lost Focus, until
    the end of the Magic Phase.

    #NameCasting ValueRangeTypeDurationEffect
    AGuiding Light-18"AugmentLasts one TurnWhen the target takes a Leadership Test, roll an additional D6 and remove the highest D6 rolled. A unit cannot be affected by this spell more than once per Magic Phase.
    0Scrying7+ [10+]18" [6"Aura]AugmentLasts one TurnThe target gains Distracting and Hard Target.
    1Fate’s Judgement7+ [10+]18"Hex, Missile, DamageThe target suffers D3 [D6] hits that wound automatically, with no Ward or Regeneration Saves allowed.
    2Know Thy Enemy8+ [12+]18" [6"Aura]AugmentLasts one TurnThe target gains +2 Weapon Skill and +2 Initiative.
    3The Stars Align9+ [12+]18" [6"Aura]AugmentLasts one TurnThe target gains Divine Attacks, and must reroll failed to-hit rolls
    with Close Combat and Shooting Attacks.
    4Look to the West9+18"AugmentLasts one TurnThe target gains stubborn and Immune to Psychology[/lexicon].
    5Unerring Strike9+ [13+]18"Hex, Missile, DamageThe target suffers 2D6 [3D6] hits that wound on 4+, have Armour Piercing (2) and Divine Attacks.
    6Portent of Doom10+18"HexLasts one TurnAt the start of the following phases, roll a D6, plus one extra D6 for each Character in the unit. If one or more dice result in a '6', the target cannot perform the corresponding action this Phase.

    Declare Charges sub-phase: Declare Charges.
    Remaining Moves sub-phase: March Move.
    Magic Phase: Cast Spells.
    Shooting Phase: Shoot.

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