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  • Occultism is one the 10 Magic Paths. It consists of the following spells:
    0: Pentagram of Pain
    1: Hand of Glory
    2: Breath of Corruption
    3: Forbidden Knowledge
    4: The Rot Within
    5: Marked for Doom
    6: The Grave Calls
    The Sacrifice: When casting a non-Bound Spell from this Path, after rolling Magic Dice but before the opponent rolls
    any Dispel Attempt, the Active Player may choose to inflict X hits on the Caster’s unit or another friendly unengaged unit
    within 24". Each unit may only be targeted by this ability once per Magic Phase.
    X is equal to the number of Ranks in the targeted unit, down to a minimum of 2 and up to a maximum of 5. These hits
    wound automatically and no save of any kind is allowed against them. The last model in a unit can never be removed as
    a casualty using this ability (any wound that would reduce its Wound Pool to 0 is discarded).
    If at least one wound was caused, the spell is cast with the amplified version marked with { }.

    #NameCasting ValueRangeTypeDurationEffect
    0Pentagram of Pain8+12" AuraUniversalInstantThe target suffers D6 Strength 4 hits. The Caster’s unit is
    {If one or more successful Wounds are caused with this
    spell, the Caster Recovers one Wound.}
    1Hand of Glory6+Caster-Lasts one TurnThe caster {and all other models in the same unit}
    gains a Ward Save (5+). Affected models with
    already existing Ward Saves have them increased
    by 1, to a maximum of Ward Save (3+).
    2Breath of Corruption6+Caster-Lasts one TurnThe target gains Breath Weapon (Toxic Attacks).
    {If the Breath Weapon is used as a Shooting
    Attack, its Range is increased to 18".}
    3Forbidden Knowledge7+Caster-Remains in PlayThe target may reroll Casting Rolls when casting non-Bound
    Spells from this Path.
    {The target may reroll a single Dispel Roll each
    Magic Phase.}
    4The Rot Within8+24"HexPermanentThe target suffers -1 Weapon Skill, to a minimum of 1.
    {The Caster gains +1 Weapon Skill.}
    5Marked for Doom10+18"Hex
    InstantThe target suffers 1 hit with Strength 10 and Multiple Wounds
    {The Caster may choose to target a Single Character joined
    to target unit.}
    6The Grave Calls12+12"Hex
    InstantThe target suffers 2D6 Strength 5{6} hits.

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