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  • Shamanism is one of the 10 Magic Paths. It consists of the following spells:
    A: Scarification
    0: Awaken the Beast
    1: Swarm of Insects
    2: Savage Fury
    3: Pounding Drumbeat
    4: Chilling Howl
    5: Break the Spirit
    6: Totemic Summon
    #NameCasting ValueRangeTypeDurationEffect
    AScarification-Caster-Lasts one
    Close Combat Attacks against the target cannot wound on better
    than 5+.
    0Awaken the Beast6+
    18"AugmentLasts one
    The target gains +1 Strength [Toughness].
    1Swarm of Insects5+
    InstantImmediately after successfully casting this spell
    the target suffers 5D6 Strength 1 hits. If one or
    more unsaved Wounds are caused, the target
    suffers -1 Ballistic Skill. This spell is immediately
    ended when the target performs an Advance,
    March or Charge Move.
    2Savage Fury5+
    UniversalLasts one
    The target gains Frenzy.
    3Pounding Drumbeat5+
    AugmentInstantThe target performs a 2D6" Magical Move straight forward (it
    cannot move backwards, sidestep, Reform, Pivot or Wheel
    during this move), but it can choose to not move at all or to
    move less than the full distance.
    [When more than one unit is affected, roll distance and
    move the unit before rolling distance for the next unit.]
    4Chilling Howl6+
    AugmentLasts one
    All to-wound rolls against the target from Shooting Attacks
    suffer a -1 modifier.
    5Break the Spirit9+
    HexLasts one
    The target suffers a -1 modifier to hit, and treats all Terrain
    (including Open Terrain) as Dangerous Terrain (2).
    6Totemic Summon11+
    96"GroundInstantSummon a Totemic Beast (statline below). It must be placed
    within 1" [10"] of the Board Edge.

    Totemic Beast (for Totemic Summon)
    MWSBSSTWIALdMonstrous Beast
    3D63-553347Base size 40x40mm

    Special Rules: Random Movement (3D6), Immune to Psychology, Breath Weapon (Strength 3)

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