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  • Thaumaturgy
    1: Hand of Heaven
    2: Cleansing Fire
    3: Trial of Faith
    4: Speaking in Tongues
    5: Smite the Unbeliever
    6: Wrath of God
    Judgement on High
    When casting non-Bound Spells from this Path, all Magic Dice that result in ‘1’ must
    be rerolled. If a caster Miscast when casting a non-Bound spell from Thaumaturgy, it counts as having
    used one additional Magic Dice for the Casting Attempt.
    #NameCasting ValueRangeTypeDurationEffect
    1Hand of Heaven5+
    InstantThe target suffers D6 [D6+1] hits with Strength D6 [D6+1].
    2Cleansing Fire6+
    Lasts one
    The target gains Breath Weapon (Strength D3+2).
    3Trial of Faith7+
    InstantBoth the Caster and target roll a D6. If the Caster’s roll is higher,
    the target suffers a number of Wounds with Armour Piercing
    (6) equal to the difference between their respective rolls.
    4Speaking in Tongues8+24"HexLasts one
    The target cannot benefit from Inspiring Presence.
    5Smite the Unbeliever11+24"HexLasts one
    Immediately after successfully casting this spell, roll a D6. If 4-6 is rolled, the target suffers -1 Strength.
    If 1-3 is rolled, the target suffers -1 Toughness.
    6Wrath of God13+96"GroundPermanentChoose a point within range on the table and place
    a counter there. At the end of each subsequent
    Magic Phase roll a D6; if 1-3 is rolled, add another
    counter on the same spot. If 4-6 is rolled, each
    unit within (2D6+X)" suffers 2D6 Strength (4+X)
    hits, where X is equal to the number of counters.
    The spell then ends, remove all Counters.

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