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  • Witchcraft is one of the 10 Magic Paths. It constists of the following spells:
    A: Evil Eye
    1: Deceptive Glamour
    2: Raven’s Wing
    3: Twisted Effigy
    4: Will-o’-the-Wisp
    5: Bewitching Glare
    6: The Wheel Turns
    #NameCasting ValueRangeTypeDurationEffect
    AEvil Eye-24"UniversalLasts one
    If this spell targets a friendly unit, the target gains +1 Movement.
    If this spell targets an enemy unit, the target suffers -1 Movement, to minimum of 3.
    A unit cannot be affected by this spell more than twice in the same Magic Phase.
    1Deceptive Glamour5+
    HexLasts one
    The target suffers a -1 modifier to hit.
    2Raven’s Wing6+
    18"AugmentInstantThe target may perform a 6" [10"] Flying Magical Move. Both
    before and after making this move the target is allowed to
    Reform, which does not prevent the target from Shooting.
    3Twisted Effigy7+
    HexLasts one
    All Shooting Attacks made by the target [and all Spells cast by
    the target]
    have their Range halved.
    4Will-o’-the-Wisp8+18"UniversalLasts one
    The target gains Random Movement (2D6).
    5Bewitching Glare8+24"HexRemains in
    The target gains Stupidity. For each Character in the unit, the target suffers a -1 Leadership.
    6The Wheel Turns9+
    Lasts one
    R&F models in the target unit will successfully roll to hit and to
    wound on a 4+ with their Close Combat attacks, regardless of
    Weapon Skill, Strength and Toughness (apply this before any
    other modifiers).

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