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  • It is the acronym of the legendary player, Herminard's crush, and fantasy wargaming philosopher 'The Village Idiot'.
    'The Village Idiot' formulated a stratagem of a combined arms approach to a Rank and File army build and playstyle that is supported by light and heavy arms fire. Some principles of the army list building were avoidance of expensive characters, and treating each unit as expendable.

    In March 2012, TVI formulated his approach to his Empire tactics like this:

    So I guess my overall advice to Empire players is; to be strong, yet pliable. Keep your unit costs down. Don't tool-up...thats what THEY do. Expect to take casualties but also expect to win. If you want reliability from a unit don't tool it up, buy another unit of it. Keep your combat and support elements roughly equal. Take detachments, since you are going to be expending units, it's nice if they don't cause panic. Champions and musicians are unit upgrades, and are to be avoided...just buy more units. Keep magic items to an absolute minimum, no magic banners, just ward saves on characters. Magic is defensive, not offensive...don't dump points into something you have to roll dice to see ifit works...just buy more units.

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