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Comments 2

  • zKoTTe -

    I would like to try and join the the VS rule team, i have played Miniature Games the past 15 years and mostly on Warhammer with my Skaven Army.

    I have played 9th Age since 2017 and understand the mechanics and just absolutely love it!

    You can read about my Army in the latest issue of The 9th Scroll!

    Thank you in advance!

  • jmilano11 -

    Hello, I am looking into being of service in the V.C team. I have been playing warhammer for over 15yrs (on and off), but recently being playing T9A for last 6-7 months and loving it! I have participated in numerous tournaments and play with local players at least once a month, given the time since allowed by my career and family life. Please let me know where I can be a contributor.

    Thank you!