Background: Taphria

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  • The southern continent in the 9th Age World

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    Set sail south from Bellatorre, and in three nights
    you will reach the docks of Port Reynaud, Equitaine’s
    holdfast in Taphria. Should you dare it, you
    will never forget the nights spent in the Great
    Desert, for they are terrible and fascinating all at
    once. There, following the path of the Napaat river,
    lie the remains of a truly ancient kingdom with
    its legends of never-dying monstrosities. In the
    west stand the fortresses and souks of Qassar, full
    of exotic smells and tales of evil spirits, the djinn.
    In the west and southeast of the continent lie vast
    kingdoms of men; the Koghi Empire and Kingdom
    of Vanhu respectively. Finally in its south, the
    forests around the Mfumu river are said to hide
    some of the most ancient secrets of the world.
    - From A New Atlas for the Ninth Age,
    by Johannes Strabo

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