Background: Second Age

Forwared from „Golden Age“

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  • The second world age

    Table Of Contents


    A time of gold a time of growth
    The world was our inheritance
    So rich the land so ripe it lay
    Our people free, we grew at last
    In riches grand and oathbound troth
    And long lost kin we were to find
    That golden time as West met East
    Though trouble brewed and ne’er we saw
    That fair-eyed orc that Akrübad
    Who soon to come would take and bind

    We folk of stone our oaths as firm
    And in the Mountains of the Moon
    We bound our fates and paid our debts
    To kin and kith our honor bound
    And wealth to grow to come full term
    And all this while the elves did sail
    To take the seas and make their seat
    On island shore so far from home
    Fair Celeda Ablan they wrought
    To ply the world on ev’ry gale

    And men did then forge crowns and kings
    O’er land as far as grass does grow
    Yet no good lasts all things take wing

    - A reproduction of an Equitan tapestry,
    itself believed to be a copy of an ancient dwarven carving
    and poem dating from the first century A.S.

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