Background: Seventh Age

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  • The seventh world age

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    With fire enslaved our kin now set
    To savage foes now weak and spent
    Enslaving all that once had fought
    With crushing might but morals less
    They scour the world for slaves to get
    But magic tests and poisons soul
    And even dwarven might is sapp’d
    As nether power must be shunn’d
    All who dare It become debased
    And tear the world and harm it whole

    So evil flourished cross the land
    With mountain quakes and floods and storms
    And daemons came like never hence
    To bring us death and rage and scorn
    In truth our end does seem at hand
    The East remains a place of death
    And Vetia vermin conquered
    A dark King rules the last free men
    And so they live in fear and dread
    No place of peace no easy breath

    These darken’d days these forlorn nights
    This Age of Thunder so did rage
    With none to set the wrongs to right

    - A reproduction of an Equitan tapestry,
    itself believed to be a copy of an ancient dwarven carving
    and poem dating from the first century A.S.

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