Background: Shattered Sea

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  • Shattered Sea

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    Dearest Petrus,
    I hope this letter finds its way true. I have witnessed
    the most incredible things from beyond
    the world’s edge, and I wish you were here to
    see them. We have returned once again to Fredericksberg,
    which seems to have grown even in
    the few weeks I was away. We sailed north to find
    what lies in the oceans between Virentia and Silexia.
    We followed a chain of islands that swept
    in an unerring curve like the rim of some great
    terrestrial platter. Each jungle-covered isle has at
    its centre a vast obsidian structure, ancient and
    ruined, carved with symbols none of us can fathom.
    The islands are deserted and – other than
    these gigantic fragments of black stone – they are
    unremarkable. But when we attempted to sail between
    them and explore what lies on the western
    side of their perimeter, we were forced to turn
    back. The ship was warped by strange forces,
    its wooden beams coated in terrifying, pulsating
    growths. Several crewmen were taken ill with
    unusual symptoms, and we were even harried by
    large, tentacled creatures that lurked in the water
    by night. Fortunately, I have survived these tribulations
    and hope to return to your sweet – and
    safe – embrace, as soon as I possibly can.
    Your loving Gertrude
    930 A.S.
    — Letter undelivered by Sonnstahl Postmaster;
    recipient deceased

    Least known of all our foesare the Daemons. Truest representations of the Dark Gods most mortals will ever encounter, rumour has them living perpetually in the Wasteland and the Shattered Sea, and even conjured forth else where through dark ritual. [..]
    The jungles of Virentia are a terrifying place
    And to those who dwell in Silexia you should not show your face
    Don’t get caught in Taphria, in the never-ending sands
    You won’t survive the Shattered Sea, or the Great Wasteland
    — Nursery rhyme, provenance unknown
    Dividing Virentia from Silexia – the Shattered Sea; a rumoured maelstrom of magic and tempests, from which no vessel re turns.
    — From A New Atlas for the Ninth Age, by Johannes Strabo

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