Background: Longjing

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  • Longjing, the Dragon City of Tsuandan

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    ​Longjing​, the Dragon City of Tsuandan


    Many have heard the tales of the famous “Dragon City” of the orient, Longjing. The city is in fact two
    merged metropolises, each far larger than any settlement in Vetia. Longjing itself is the smaller but
    grander, occupying the northern bank of the great Dajiaing. Here are the palatial, temple and administrative
    districts, dominated by the stupendous Forbidden Lair where the Dragon Emperor himself
    supposedly lurks. The larger, more sprawling section is called Zhangwei, “Fish Tail”, after the shape
    of the vast dam, built by terrifying magics, that split the great river into its two halves. Zhangwei sits
    in the fork, and is home to the great majority of the population, including the trading and manufacturing
    districts. I could have spent a lifetime there and still not have experienced but a fraction of the
    full wonder of this beating heart of Tsuandan.
    — From Terimodus’ Wonders of the World

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