Background: Tsuandan

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  • Tsuandan

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    Many have heard the tales of the famous “Dragon City” of the orient, Longjing. The city is in fact two
    merged metropolises, each far larger than any settlement in Vetia. Longjing itself is the smaller but
    grander, occupying the northern bank of the great Dajiaing. Here are the palatial, temple and administrative
    districts, dominated by the stupendous Forbidden Lair where the Dragon Emperor himself
    supposedly lurks. The larger, more sprawling section is called Zhangwei, “Fish Tail”, after the shape
    of the vast dam, built by terrifying magics, that split the great river into its two halves. Zhangwei sits
    in the fork, and is home to the great majority of the population, including the trading and manufacturing
    districts. I could have spent a lifetime there and still not have experienced but a fraction of the
    full wonder of this beating heart of Tsuandan.
    — From Terimodus’ Wonders of the World

    Ofthe most prominent, Tsuandan is perhaps theleast understood – rumours of armies of claywarriors reflect our degree of understanding.

    Traders who brave the eastern roads or southern seas may reach the limits of the known
    world - and the mythic empire of Tsuandan. A land of spectacular vistas, they say, with
    mountains, jungles, rivers and great soaring plains all under the thumb of the Dragon
    Emperor in Longjing.
    The most ancient records indicate that Tsuandan is as old as Naptesh, but most
    scholars place the coming of the current Emperor Gonglu no more than a century
    hence. Some reports, and the nation's official policy, suggest that the Emperor is a
    literal dragon; most are more skeptical. Since the Zhong have long held that they
    are descended from a “chosen” people who lived side by side with saurians
    in the mists of time, a reptilian overlord may perhaps be a natural fit.
    To most Vetians who travel to this eastern realm, these legends are of
    little concern compared to the nation’s spectacular wealth.

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