Background: Sagarika Kingdoms

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  • The Sagarika Kingdoms are better known as spice trading nations once controlled by the Highborn Elves, but now asserting their independence.

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    Kingdoms of Sagarika, a human nation in Augea, formally ruled by Raj in the name of the Highborn Elves.


    Sagarikadesha is not a nation, nor an empire. It is an entire sub-continent
    with dozens of kingdoms. The largest is the Zuratha Empire, which led the
    rebellion to overthrow the ogre Khanate that once dominated the region. The
    Zuratha were sponsored by the Highborn, whose trading fleets succeeded the
    ogres as the leading economic and military power until the early part of this
    century. The remaining Arandai fortresses continue to find themselves under
    pressure from human rajs. On the other hand, as proved by our presence here,
    Vetian commerce is still welcome.
    This fascinating, sublime land is remarkable for its many cults. The younger
    Zantism is expanding and some of the most powerful magicians are said to
    be acolytes. Nonetheless, the traditional polytheism, known as Pazu, still
    attracts the majority of the people. It is based on animal-headed gods and
    goddesses - as well as their earthly representatives called asuras, devas and
    nagas. From them originated some of the most violent warrior cults of this
    area; followers dedicate their exotic weapons, such as the Gada – a huge
    mace – or the Trishula - a trident used as a spear – and their mounts to
    these gods, hoping for boons such as animalistic transformation of their own
    Sagarikan armies are feared for these frenzied cultists, not to mention the
    infamous elephants and terrible flying contraptions called vimanas.

    Diary of Malatesta da Ponte freddo,
    mercenary commander

    Sir, the cargo you ordered be sent to Sagarika has
    been detained and impounded by the Goblin King
    west of the Barren Mountains. As I have repeatedly
    advised, the King possesses far greater wit
    than you give him credit, and our deception as to
    the quality of the goods we were sending failed to
    dupe his staff. I will state once more for the record
    that I believe the only way to secure a long-term
    overland route through this region is free and fair
    negotiation with His Majesty. This will no longer be
    an easy task.
    — Letter intercepted between Qassari merchants

    The fall of the Highborn’s appointed Raj, ruling over the Sagarika Kingdoms in their name, marked the extent of their decline.

    The Sagarika Kingdoms are better known as spicetrading nations once controlled by the HighbornElves, but now asserting their independence.

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