Background: Highborn Elves

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  • Highborn Elves (HE)

    Table Of Contents

    Factions & Magic

    The elves of Celeda Ablan are masters of magic, only
    rivalled (and perhaps, though they would never admit
    it, exceeded) by the Coatl who once held them in
    bondage. Yet they have worked tirelessly to advance
    their grasp of the magic arts. Though theirs is not the
    innate and effortless application of the Saurians, with
    preparation they are able to exert an impressive level
    of control upon the environment around them, the
    elements and even magic itself.


    In the mists of time, they rebelled against the enigmatic Saurians to become guardians of much of the world, while the ancestors of the Dwarves held the rest. Once they were a single race, yet their united rule could not endure. Even these most graceful of beings are not immune to in-fighting or betrayal. The details are veiled in allegory and myth, but it is clear a great schism rent the Elven peoples asunder, resulting in the three powers we see today.

    I am tired of dealing with them. These so-called Highborn consider trade with humans beneath them. Yet without the constant stream of goods outof Alfhaven, I am certain they would be severelyweakened. We have a strong position from which to renegotiate terms; the trick is merely to behave in a manner that appeases their ferocious narcissism. If they choose to isolate themselves, it will be they who suffer more than us.
    — Letter from Chancellor Eckhardt to Emperor Matthias, 955 A.S.

    The white isles of Celeda Ablan, home of the Highborn Elves, are said to be a truly awe inspiring sight. They are guarded by fleets of the finest ships to set sail, and phalanxes of Elves blessed with the natural grace and skill of their people. Led by Princes borne aloft on terrifying dragons, the Highborn have ever maintained a proud and aloof manner, yet they are capable of fighting with the same savagery their cousins display.

    Although they have the greatest naval power the world has seen, the Highborn Elves have retreated from many of their former conquests. Despite this, they continue to hold outposts on coastlines across the globe. The fall of the Highborn’s appointed Raj, ruling over the Sagarika Kingdoms in their name, marked the extent of their decline. Yet even with increasing resources diverted to combat the Dread Elf threat, they still dominate the seas and the resulting trade.

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