Background: Dwarven Holds

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  • Dwarven Holds

    Table Of Contents

    Factions & Magic

    Hold dwarves have never had the connection with
    magic of their eastern brethren. By contrast, the active
    exercise of magic upon them has always proved
    difficult. Yet what they lack in shaping magic in the
    moment, they make up for by empowering objects.
    All cultures have some form of harnessing magic
    using items suited to those without magical talent
    themselves. Dwarves have, over centuries, refined
    a complex and subtle means of preparing items, allowing
    them to achieve more precise results than
    any other. To think of the Holds as lacking in magic
    because they do not throw fireballs is to dramatically
    underestimate them.


    Dwarves are perhaps the most indomitable of beings. Magic, corruption, disease, Infernal Dwarves aging – they resistall these with a force of will centuries after others would have succumbed. Yet theirs is a troubled history, for while the two greatest of the dwarven civilisations once worked together for a time, their Empire was undone by the many calamities of the Ages of Ruin, with each side claiming betrayal and shaming their brothers. Still, both retain the ingenuity of their forefathersand the lust for gold and precious gems which dominates their histories.

    Dwarven Kings rule in name and deed, yet dwarves remain fiercely individual. Each dwarf is a judge over his own actions, and a dwarven oath is said to be stronger than any steel. Despite this steadfastness, they are implacable when roused. A dwarf never forgets a wrong to him or his family, even seeking to avenge grievances of long dead ancestors.
    With many fewer Holds than at their Golden Age zenith, Dwarves still control the great mines of the world, producing the finest armour and jewellery. Though their relations with human neighbours are largely amiable, yet Dwarvish conservatism resents the few secrets of engineering revealed to humanity – and the great strides taken with those confidences by the younger races. Meanwhile, endless vendettas against Goblin, Orc, Vermin and all other foes within the mountains makes peace an unimaginable concept for these Elders.

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