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  • Infernal Dwarves

    Table Of Contents

    Factions & Magic

    Above all else, the Infernal Dwarves value power, and
    particularly power that others do not possess. In their
    search for a way to tap into the very core of the earth,
    they caused a disaster which made great swathes of
    the world uninhabitable. A natural affinity with and
    understanding of fire has meant flame and molten
    rock have always played a part in such endeavours. A
    combination of engineering and magic results in high
    risk enterprises, with enormous potential rewards.


    Dwarves are perhaps the most indomitable of beings. Magic, corruption, disease, Infernal Dwarves aging – they resistall these with a force of will centuries after others would have succumbed. Yet theirs is a troubled history, for while the two greatest of the dwarven civilisations once worked together for a time, their Empire was undone by the many calamities of the Ages of Ruin, with each side claiming betrayal and shaming their brothers. Still, both retain the ingenuity of their forefathers and the lust for gold and precious gems which dominates their histories.

    Infernal Dwarves are the descendants of ancient dwarves, whose great pride saw them hold to lands long since overrun by hordes of foes. Separated from their brethren, they turned to darker means of survival, including enslavement of captives and the study of sorcery. “Infernal" is an apt name to describe these beings and their cruel nature – derived from the disastrous creation of the Inferno – an uncontrollable vortex of fire and magic. They created the terrible Wasteland with a rent in the Veil itself – worst of all catastrophes of the Ages of Ruin – and embraced the ominous title that resulted. Defying the subterranean traditions of their former brethren, they build great stone ziggurats above ground, while their vast slave-worked mines fuel a technological industry rivalled by few. Their control of much trade from the East, combined with devilish weaponry, enables them to stand against the collective loathing of the world.

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