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  • Qassar

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    Qassar, and its desert warriors, have long been a thornin Destria’s side, though we are now separated by the Highborn Elves’ hold over Gan Dareb.

    SE AB wrote:

    [..]It was like swinging a sword at the smoke devils
    of Qassar, all the while being pelted by iron hail.
    Captain Andrea Barbiano,
    The Tools of the Trade (948 A.S.)

    As you know, Qassari trading vessels are among
    the most numerous on the Middle Sea. They are an
    enormous source of wealth in our harbours; consequently,
    continuing friendly relations with Sultan Taaj Abdullah
    in Amharaq is of vital importance. To this end , wear e
    tasking you to lead a crusade to Qassar to support the
    Sultan’s armies in the on going civil war.
    You will assist him against the rebel leader, Nasir Ibn Afdal, who se charisma has w on hi m a significant
    alliance among the southern sultanates and many nomadic tribes. We know the alliance objects to Abdu ll ah’s
    pro-Vetian policies, although I am told the conflict is also
    religious in nature.
    The Sultan ’ s loyalists are largely Mujtam - one of the
    two branches of Alihat religion universal to Qassar -
    while the southerners are predominantly Mahab , the
    other branch.
    May the Lady bless you on your new commission.
    Do not return to our Kingdom with the Crow n’ s
    interests un secured.

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