Background: Ogre Khans

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  • Ogre Khans

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    Factions & Magic

    In the heights of the Sky Mountains and across the
    plains of Augea, Ogres exert a magical influence
    which is anything but subtle. The Khans care not for
    the trickery of witches, the foretelling of seers, nor
    the balance of cosmologists. Theirs is a magic of fire,
    might and divine intervention. They bellow at the sky,
    call down the fury of their deities, turning ogre skin
    to stone and setting whole peaks alight. Even magic
    bends before the brute strength of the ogre and their


    Ogres are among the toughest of all creatures. Their brutal nomadic life weeds out the weak, while the strongest, having weathered every type of hardship imaginable, rise to become Khans. The only thing that exceeds their endurance is their appetite. Ogres prize food above all else, and an Ogre mercenary force has been known to eat its employers into bankruptcy.
    Still, Ogres can be reasoned with, provided you respect their traditions. In the days of the greatest Khan of Khans, Ogres walked as masters of Augea, or so their campfire lore speaks. Even now, their reach encompasses much of the Silk Road, and so they are a trading force to be reckoned with.

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