Background: Warriors of the Dark Gods

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  • Warriors of the Dark Gods

    Table Of Contents

    Factions & Magic

    Among the Warriors of the Dark Gods, magic is wielded
    by sorcerers, whose very name has become a byword
    for sinister spells. Many sorcerers are raised
    from birth by daemons, others are inducted into the
    secrets of the Veil by a patron daemon. Either way,
    their mind bends and reforms around the truths they
    are taught. What they lack in the finesse or innate understanding
    of other casters, is compensated by an
    access to raw power through the Veil itself. Such power
    is not without cost though, and sorcerers struggle
    to maintain the same morality as even their fellow


    Each Dark God has need of followers, and each has their methods of ensnaring the souls of the un- wary. Whether it is lust or bloodlust, corruption
    of body or of ambition, the traps of the Dark Gods are myriad and competition for the greatest of followers is fierce. Once started on the road to dam- nation, a soul is forever tarnished and spurned by former deities.
    Many cultists can be found in the cities of the world, secretly enacting the plots of their overlords. But those of a martial disposition travel to the Wasteland and other grim places, enduring unimaginable trials. The few who survive emerge an entirely different breed – marked in abhorrent fashion, hardened and scarred. Humans make up a great many of these servants of Chaos but they are by no means alone. Trolls, giants and dragons have all been seen among the armies that assail the world.

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