Background: Daemon Legions

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  • Daemon Legions

    Table Of Contents

    Factions & Magic

    The daemonic legions of the Dark Gods are not simply
    users of magic. To them it is air, water and food,
    essential to their survival and the medium through
    which they usually operate. Manifested in the Mortal
    Realm, they are like a fish out of water, and rely
    upon the ambient magic, or whatever can be drawn
    through the Veil, to sustain themselves. But beyond
    their physical form, the world around them can be
    changed in unexpected and unnatural ways. Every
    daemon carries within them a seed of their Immortal
    heritage, and the ability to shape the world closer to
    their nature.


    Least known of all our foesare the Daemons. Truest representations of the Dark Gods most mortals will ever encounter, rumour has them living perpetually in the Wasteland and the Shattered Sea, and even conjured forth else where through dark ritual. The most terrifying tales claim each Daemon requires a mortal vessel to be invoked, with the mightiest devils calling for captured Queensor Emperors. Tales of the legions that emerged from the Wasteland in the darkest hours of the Ages of Ruin are enough to freeze the blood.
    Whatever the truth of their summoning, it is widely held that they are not mortal beings. Dwarven grudges record Daemons bearing the same names and marks as adversaries defeated millennia ago emerging to avenge themselves upon descendents of their foes. Stout hearts, the light of pure divinity and cold steel have proven themselves adequate defence – in spite of terrible odds. But as knowledge spreads among our civilisations ever more widely in this great Age, I fear that we may be planting seeds of destruction deep within the nations of Humanity.

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