Background: Undying Dynasties

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  • Undying Dynasties

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    Factions & Magic

    Lying beneath eternal sands, sealed in tombs for centuries,
    the Undying Dynasties know the workings of
    time as no others. Dedicating themselves to the preservation
    and restoration of their golden civilisations.
    It is only magic which permits them to escape the decay
    of ages, and return their legions to unlife, time
    and time again. As they continually stir from their
    sarcophagi, the Pharaohs seek an age in which their
    society will never fall again.

    We’d fought for most of the day to reach their mage,
    a desiccated woman, shrouded in tattered silk
    and surrounded by her honour guard. As we rode,
    hammers raised, towards that final confrontation,
    I felt my throat parch. Magic, of some unknown
    I was nearly thrown from my horse. Looking
    down, its forelocks were sinking into sand which
    had until moments ago been firm. I pulled the reins
    and my horse struggled free, moving slower now.
    The group of soldiers loomed larger, perhaps twenty
    sun-bleached skeletons decked out in ill-fitting armour.
    In moments we were upon them.
    I crushed two beneath my hammer, feeling their
    bones shatter beneath each blow. The long forgotten
    scent of cardamom filled my senses and my limbs
    became weak, drained by more Naptaan sorcery.
    Looking around, I saw my comrades stagger under
    the weight of the same witchcraft. I thank the gods
    we had destroyed so many, or in that moment we
    might have been overwhelmed.
    Behind me, I heard Klaus cry out: “Father, they
    are rising from the dead!” I realised in horror that
    he was right. As the silk-wrapped corpse before us
    croaked her dry words, the shattered bodies of her
    guards rose again and staggered back into the fray.
    “The mage!” I shouted. “We kill her and this ends.
    Strike at the mage!” At last, Berthold battled
    through the scrum, smashing her from her pedestal
    with a single blow of his hammer — although
    not before he had been pierced a dozen times by the
    blades of her bodyguards. As the skeletons fell to
    dust around us, that noble knight breathed his last.
    He did not die in vain. Magic so strong cannot
    be left to survive. Magic stronger than the sands,
    stronger than the bodies of men. Magic stronger
    than death.
    Grand Master Jonas Kortig, commander of the
    Knights of the Silver Hammer


    Ancient nobles held to this world by pride and power long after their bodies have rotted, the Undying Dynasties represent the remains of the oldest human empire. With honour guards of skeletal warriors, whose instilled discipline has survived the grave, and living constructs of stone, entire armies have been said to appear from the sand in a single moment.
    Naptesh is no longer the fertile land it once was. Crumbling monoliths, the tombs of the great pharaohs, have attracted looters for centuries, and golden artefacts have changed hands many leagues from their former masters. But the dead are restless wherever great Dynasties endure, and thousands of years in the earth have not dampened their appetite for war. Lost lands and stolen relics have roused them from slumber and they show no sign of returning to the ground.

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