Background: Vampire Covenant

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  • Vampire Covenant

    Table Of Contents

    Factions & Magic

    Across the world, beneath the veneer of civilisation,
    vampires have worked under a cloak of shadow,
    turning death from an affliction to a weapon. Theirs
    is not a mere return to past life, instead they linger
    unchanged while turning the corpses of their foes
    into weapons of horrifying destruction. Their magic
    may be an extension of their own undying curse, yet
    it binds the buried dead to this world, forcing them to
    answer the vampire's call, or that of the necromancer;
    mortals who have turned their hand to reach for
    death and felt its icy grasp.


    Where vampires rule, power and glory belong solely to the immortals, while the living are unwittingly enslaved. Rivalry between these immortal beings is murderous – but kept beneath the veil of humanity they wear. Wars are waged insecret, political pawns manoeuvred and armies of mindless drones are raised from the ground, only to vanish again. Vampires thrive in the ignorance of their human prey, concealing their existence in rumour and myth, pulling the strings of mortal puppets.
    It seems that as long as humanity has existed, these leeches have worked behind the scenes, orchestrating events for their own gains. Their ambitions are fabled; clashes between great vampires have ripped apart entire nations. Perhapsit was such events that led to the creation of the Covenant. By all reports, it has bound the disparate creatures to obey laws set down to ensure their survival. The edicts and the punishment for transgression are only suspected, but it has allowed them to drift back into the fog of humanity’s nightmares.

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