Background: Great Elk

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  • Great Elk

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    It is true that on occasion some elves ride upon deer as men do
    upon horses: including the Huntsmen of the Forest King or the
    handmaidens of the Queen. These creatures bear little resemblance
    to the Great Elk chosen by the most powerful and wild lords; the same
    resemblance a pedigree hound bears to a wolf. They move silent and
    ghostly through the forest but are terrifying to behold when battle is
    upon them: powerful bodies straining, eyes gleaming, their vast racks
    of antlers sharpened to razors of bone, with great bugles heralding their
    approach. The bloodlines of these mighty beasts are as protected and
    secretive as any Duke’s steed and there is great prestige in their taming.
    The charge of even a single Great Elk on the battlefield can break
    the hardest of defensive lines, and the stampede of the Wild Hunt led
    by blood-mad elves on the backs of roaring elk is a sight most terrible
    to behold.

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