Background: Unicorn

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  • Unicorn

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    Unicorns live on the boundary between two worlds; half in our
    mundane one and half in the Veiled Realm. It seems that only
    in the forests of the elves does the blend of these two worlds offer a
    home to such mythical animals. The population and diversity of unicorns
    living side by side with the Sylvan Elves is a transcendent sight:
    every shade from the purest white to the blackest void, every colour
    of the natural world and many colours only dreamt of. Coats that show
    the very cosmos or the crashing of waves upon distant shores, and ivory
    horns gleaming with barely contained power; only the mightiest of
    elven mages could hope to form a bond with these equine spirits and
    maintain it.
    For as much as a unicorn may graze upon the grass, it is raw magic that
    sustains its life, and close proximity to such a beast for a prolonged
    period can draw away they very soul of a sorcerer bound to it. Nevertheless,
    many are the elves who will make the sacrifice to tame such a
    beast, for the prestige of their friendship and the protection they afford
    against hostile spells, but still there are dark rumours whispered
    of ancient unicorns which can speak as elves or men and possess countless
    memories of lives eons past. As with all in the realm of the Sylvan
    Elves it seems, a price must be paid for the friendship of a unicorn.

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