Background: Princess Josefa

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  • Princess Josefa

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    Look around you. Everything you see, touch and taste, this is the Mortal Realm, the land of matter and certainty.
    Yet behind this mundane facade, a hair's breadth from our fingers, lies the Immortal Realm. Home of
    the Gods, and sphere of magic and its infinite possibilities.
    Between this world and that stands the Veil, keeping us from the full power of the Immortal. Sometimes
    allowing a trickle of magic, occasionally a flood, yet even the smallest of rifts could kill thousands. You see,
    magic in high quantities is inimical to mortal life – your history lessons concerning the Inferno disaster
    have taught you that.
    Yet magic in smaller quantities permeates most of our world. To those who have learned to shape it, that's
    where the adventure truly begins. I can teach the slowest dolt to sense the power, but for those of real talent,
    the possibilities are endless.
    Magicians take all manner of forms. We all use the same force, yet the traditions of teaching and the cultures
    of each magician result in very different effects. My own talents focus on the field of Alchemy, yet I
    have also witnessed the wondrous variety of the other arcane arts. In this tome I have gathered records
    from across the world, and present my thoughts upon their nature.
    Souls and Spirits — The paths of Evocation, Witchcraft and Shamanism encompass the ability to influence
    the souls of Mortal beings, both embodied and discarnate.
    Matter and Energy — Alchemy, Pyromancy and Druidism represent the ability to shape, harness and draw
    upon the substances and energies of our Mortal Realm.
    Power and Knowledge — The traditions of Divination, Thaumaturgy and Occultism seek their strength
    beyond the confines of this world.
    Universal Truth — A pretentious claim of the practitioners of the path of Cosmology, who claim to understand
    the principles of magic, the Veil and the Realms, and the precarious state of balance in which they stand.
    — Collected teachings of Simoni Kasradze, Tutor to Princess Josefa

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