Background: Path of Evocation

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  • Path of Evocation

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    This is the path of the world lying behind the mirror of life! There’s no secret beyond death hidden to us, for we are the Lords of the Souls! We know the Hidden One himself, for we are the masters of the most secret essences! We know the Truth of Names. — Grimoire of the Lords of Souls, by Stephen “The Mad” Madwers
    To judge from my experience, we, the wanderers on the Path of Evocation, are among the most disquieting all the magicians and sorcerers. Stories are told across the world about our mesmerizing gaze, our disturbing look into the eye of the enemies, for we are able to gaze into the connection between the soul of a creature and the abyss. There is truth to some of these claims, souls are the very essence of a living creature, and an Evoker knows well how to call, weaken or strengthen them.
    The discipline of Evocation is based on the force lying beyond the realm of death, the root of life itself, the power governing the existence of a living creature, including Time itself and its capacity to consume the body of that creature. When some of this power leaks into the material world it will incar- nate as a body made of flesh and bones from either a man or beast, and it becomes its own individual force. It is this force that sustains the material body and gives a living crea- ture its consciousness and soul. Although unique, these souls are still recognisable by a sound, known to older magicians as their True Name.
    We are commonly named Lords of the Souls, as we can evoke, bolster or cripple the soul of others and even, in some cases, evoke life- forces from the lands of the dead, thanks to our knowledge of True Names and the for- bidden sounds. Mastering the knowledge of the essence of death, it serves us more as re- source than limitation.
    — Honorius the Grim, The Book of Souls

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