Background: Path of Thaumaturgy

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  • Path of Thaumaturgy

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    My beloved Lord, when the power of Sunna supports your armies through the holy works of a ma- gician, nothing can stand against them. Thaumaturgy is the only real way a human, a real Lord of Arcalea, can trust magical powers to support his soldiers. Thus, you should respect the tradition of the
    nobility of our beloved land and call to you all those having knowledge of the Power of Sunna.
    — Giovanni Pico di Bellatorre, Letters to Count Manfredi Biancalancia

    Thaumaturge attached to the Court of the Voivoda, my duty is not only to serve his army as conduit to the Gods, but also to oppose to the magical powers of our enemies. The faith of the Volskali grants me the power of thunder, for our greatest God, Gromovnik, is the Lord of Storms, but my beloved Morana, Mistress of Death, has always held my heart and soul.
    But faith alone cannot overcome all ordeals. Thaumaturges of the holy nation of Volskaya are trained to fight in the fiercest of battles, for our beloved nation sits in a territory beset by war. I travelled to the west, and in the nation of Sonnstahl, exchanged knowledge with the Thaumaturges of Sunna. Such an exchange was fruitful,
    against our common enemies in the east, among the creatures of the Wasteland and the greenhides raiding our territory. There, primitive shamans and daemons are our primary eneries calling upon their blasphemous gods.
    In battle, such a magical clash is a trial of faith: I cannot fail Gromovnik. I cannot fail the gods of Volskaya. Nothing can stand between me and my faith into the gods: there can be no ego nor selfishness, there can be no doubt nor fear, for I am a Thaumaturge, an instrument of death and war in the hands of the beloved gods of the Volskali.
    — From the Diary of Vladimir Efimovič, court Thaumaturge of Voivoda Branković

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