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  • Path of Witchcraft
    (for rules, see Witchcraft)

    Table Of Contents


    We fought the Dread Elves at the Black Sound, a small but deep bay in the northern provinces. I was serving as a marine aboard Knight Commander Branberg’s own flagship, the Ambition’s End. That was the first and only time I’ve fought those Sunna damned creatures. You think you know about curses and magic In- quisitor? Think again. Their witches were able to bring up fogs from nowhere, lead us on wild chases, and confound sailors who were as salt as any you’ll find sailing the world. And that was nothing compared to what they could do to you if they met your gaze, it’s as if every shame and secret you hold is laid out in front of them. Let me fight a man or dwarf any day, at least they’ll just kill me, a witch will just make you wish it were so.
    — Sgt. Matthias Neshil, henchman to Inquisitor Norrick Friselander

    Sit niece, and listen to your uncle’s wisdom. As ever at my knee you have been, so I will teach you the secret way, the way to right every wrong done to you, and settle every score. For you see, sweet one, all things in this world hide secrets, and in knowing those secrets, you gain power over them. The way of the unblinking eye, drilling into the soul and truly knowing the wretchedness that lurks within, use this. You asked me before, why all the villagers fear me, and now I tell you, it is because I know them, and how weak they all are. How unlike you and I they all are.
    My sweet winter’s bloom, you must learn from the creatures of insight, from cat and crow, ferret and owl, see much, say little. Like the wisps of the swamps, learn to lure and bait, and set traps for your prey, for those who have wronged us must never be absolved. Let the fools think they are strong, and when the time comes show them their folly.
    —Uncle Estivan the Warlock, lessons to his coven

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