Background: Ferdinand Valdes

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  • Adventurer Ferdinand Valdes

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    Adventurer Ferdinand Valdes


    This all began one month ago, when the
    Society purchased a number of artefacts
    from the adventurer Ferdinand Valdes
    (whose exploits you have no doubt
    heard of). Though our experts were dubious
    of their provenance at first, close
    inspection proved beyond doubt that
    the contents of Valdes’ haul were in fact
    genuine Naptaan grave goods. The goddess
    knows how Valdes came by these;
    he certainly wasn’t forthcoming with the
    The prime specimen was a gilded sar-
    cophagus, containing the mummified
    body of an actual Naptaan prince. As one
    of the Society’s foremost experts on the
    Naptaan script, you can imagine my excitement
    when I deciphered the hieroglyphs
    on the sarcophagus that identified
    the body inside as none other than
    King Kharatep, listed in the Chronicles
    of Teput as one of the keepers of the funerary
    caskets of Phatep.
    There was no sign of the casket among
    the loot Valdes sold us, and close questioning
    of his men revealed they had
    not seen anything matching its description.
    The implication is clear — if Valdes
    men did not take it, the casket must
    still be there! [..]
    - Beatrix von Ueblingen, Wizard of the Imperial Society of Eichtal

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