Background: Sand Scorpions

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  • Background: Sand Scorpions

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    6th of Blühenzeit, 962 A.S.
    Today we entered a bank of deep dunes that Abdullah claims is
    one of the last obstacles between us and the necropolis of Kharatep.
    The sand here is very fine, making our boots sink up to the ankle
    with every step.
    Shortly after midday, we learned we were not alone in the dunes.
    A huge claw burst up from beneath the sand, cutting one of our camels
    in two and dragging the larger half under. I was scarcely able to believe
    my eyes — all of us must have stood there for a good two or three seconds
    before the hue and cry began.
    Probing with their spears, Gilles’ men managed to unearth the beast —
    a scorpion bigger than a bear. It burst from the dune in a terrible rage,
    slaying three of our guards with its claws and striking another with its
    sting. The spears of the guards could draw no blood from it — only a
    trickle of desiccated dust. Like the carrion birds, I do not believe it
    was truly alive. Even my strongest spells appeared to have little effect.
    When it became apparent that our numbers were too great for it to
    overcome, it burrowed back out of sight. The last we saw of it was
    a fast-moving wave of sand, rolling away from us and out into the desert.
    Whatever venom is in these creatures’ stings must be extremely
    powerful — the entire arm of the man who was stung is now severely
    necrosed, and the rot is spreading to his torso. It is a testament
    to the strong constitution of Gilles’ guards that the man is still alive,
    but he surely will not last the night. I must secure some samples
    of venom from the wound to show to the alchemists back home.

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