Background: Charnel Catapult

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  • Background: Charnel Catapult

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    On the remains of the necropolis walls, we have found remnants of
    siege weapons – likely used at the height of the Naptaan civil war.
    Without exception they are dilapidated and rotted, certainly not capable
    of useful function. I doubt they would teach our own fine engineers anything,
    but they give the lie to those who paint this ancient civilisation as
    “primitive”. During my readings on Naptesh I have come across claims
    that these weapons have been used more recently. The tales make chilling
    reading, but can be largely dismissed as hyperbole or invention. Interesting
    though they are, I do not think these engines will be of much
    value to the Society, and likely would not survive transportation home.

    I beg yer forgiv’ness Sire. The lads and me, we marched on the hill like we was ordered. There was a
    few of the skellingtons there, but nuthin we couldn’t handle. Until the bits of bodies started fallin’.
    One first, then two, it were just rainin’ bones and gristle. We went from 50 brave lads to just a handful of us
    in minutes. We tried ta stand, we truly did Sire, but we was dyin’ by the score. But that weren’t the worst.
    They spoke. I ‘eard them in my head, whispering and laughin’. I ain’t heard nuthin like it. Told us
    they was coming fer us, they wanted to kill us all. Like they was alive and mad, and they wanted
    to be chucked at us. And we knew those voices. Friends who died last week. Me wife, dead these five
    years. Me old mam. Our own friends, our family, whisperin’ how they were coming for us, how we
    failed them all, laughin’ at us. I know I shouldn’t have run. Shoulda stayed, shoulda reported to the
    army. But once we was running, we couldn’t stop to save oursel’s. And now I can’t get the voices out
    me head. I hafta ask Sire, beg you, please take me home with you. Don’t bury me here. The laughin’
    won’t stop, and I don’t want ta be one of them. Lady and Land have mercy on me.”
    Final words of Robert de Sadoul, leader of the 2nd Levy of Lord Auvray’s Crusade
    before being hanged for desertion. Recorded by the scribe Lukas Bernstein.

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