Background: Kingdom of Vanhu

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  • Kingdom of Vanhu

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    Some have called me mad for my lengthy travels in southern
    Taphria. Others, heroic. For my part I wish only to spread
    Sunna’s word and prevent what I feel is an inevitable disaster.
    Vosenlanders and Destrians are colonising these lands in ever
    greater numbers, heedless and ignorant of peoples who dwell here.
    The greatest of these are the Vanhu, a proud and resourceful
    nation led by the fierce King Nyatsimba - a rare military leader
    in a land where most power is held by witchdoctors. The ways of
    his people are ancient. They comprise traditional tribes as well as
    spiritual totem “families”. Those born under a particular totem
    are said to gain the power to converse with the corresponding animal
    upon their coming of age - I have witnessed the rituals myself.
    The Vanhu live in stone fortresses, and have established powerful
    alliances with nearby dwarves, saurians and even traders as
    far away as Sagarika and Celeda Ablan. My fear is that we
    Vetians totally fail to comprehend both their civilisation, and the
    anger we are provoking with our foolhardy projects of Empire.
    The spectre of war is much closer than we imagine.

    Letter from famed explorer and missionary Erik Tombstone

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  • Guntrogg -

    Nice! We just need more fluff :)