Background: King's Guard

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  • Background flavor for the Dwarf King's Guard unit.

    We were received by Lord Angrim Hammerfist this morning, and were he not a Dwarf King I would have pegged him as paranoid! Milord Estakoff and myself had been frisked by upwards to fifty of his warriors before I even got to be in the same room with him. Despite their short stature, these bodyguards were as strong as any man I've ever encountered, and I felt that one false move could leave me beaten to a bloody pulp at best. Each Dwarf had a suit of plate armor of ornate design, having runes scrawled carefully across the trim. In their hands they each hefted a weighty-looking two-handed weapon, some axes, some hammers. Despite the weapons were of beautiful design, having the likeness of fierce monsters or Dwarven ancestors sculpted on hafts, blades, and heads. When the King finally entered the room, the King's Guard fell into ranks and files almost instantly, with their weapons at the ready. As Lord Hammerfist approached us, the King's Guard parted ranks to allow him passage, only to close up behind him and about face until the King was standing in front of us at the head of his bodyguards, and I imagine that sight was similar to the last sight seen by many an Orc or Goblin.

    - Kroeger Haufmann, Chief Scribe to Mikail Estakoff, Prince of Kartavsgorad
    To my King I swear my undying loyalty,
    To hold his life above my own,
    To protect him wherever he goes.

    His trust gives me honor,
    His favor gives me pride,
    His gifts are symbols of my duty.

    - Verse 1 of 43 of the King's Guard Oath

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