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  • A popular VS list style, revolving around the Vermin Daemon, a Plague Patriarch on a Plague Pendulum and two Dreadmills. See the description for an example along with an analysis of what makes the army work.
    A popular VS list style, revolving around the Vermin Daemon, a Plague Patriarch on a Plague Pendulum and two Dreadmills.
    This list accounted for a very large percentage of ETC lists as well as solo tournaments.

    An example of Vermin Swarm netlist 2.0:
    820 - Vermin Daemon, General, Divination, Wizard Master
    775 - Plague Patriarch, Occultism, Wizard Adept, 3 Dark Shards, Plague Pendulum, Light Armour, Putrid Protection, Plague Flail, Dragonfire Gem
    195 - Chief, Battle Standard, Sceptre of Vermin Valour
    390 - 20x Vermin Guard, Standard Bearer, Lightning Rod, Musician
    335 - 22x Plague Brotherhood, Standard Bearer, Banner of Speed, Musician, Champion
    140 - 2 x 20x Giant Rats
    130 - 10x Footpads, Paired Weapons
    295 - 4x Vermin Hulks
    238 - 12x Plague Disciples
    90 - 2x Rat Swarms
    305 - 2x Dreadmill
    170 - 2x Verminous Artillery, Plague Catapult

    A breakdown of the design:
    • The Vermin Daemon provides Discipline 9 base to units within 18". This means that a unit only need one extra rank to cap at Discipline 10. Other generals (Tyrant, Magister with Crown of Autocracy) would need three ranks in to get the same. He also provides 4 spells, which is great to have. Otherwise you would need to bring a Magister.
    • The Patriarch on Pendulum is a beast. He is very difficult to kill with R5, 5 HP, a 2+ Armor Save and a 4+ Aegis. It is also Stubborn 9 (thanks to the Vermin Daemon), which means it is unlikely to leave combat unless it wants to. It is also capable of dishing out some good damage between the Patriarch's 3 S6 attacks and the Ram's D6+2 S5 Grind Attacks.
    • The minimum unit of Vermin Guard provide core points as well as the Lightning Rod.
    • The almost minimum unit of Brotherhood exists to fulfill core requirements as well as to push the Pendulum. The unit is kept small so that it will die fairly quickly, allowing the Pendulum to win combat once it's scrubs stop giving up combat res.
    • Giant Rats are an excellent chaff unit with high movement and the ability to Swift Reform without a Musician. They also fill core points!
    • Footpads round out the core. The best part is that they score! The shooting it minimally useful, but scoring is very important.
    • Vermin Hulks are a tough unit to crack outside of combat. They can provide some good supporting attacks in a combo charge, but otherwise their job is to look scary and stand on the objective.
    • The Plague Disciples are crazy fanatics that will die horribly, but not before taking something with them. Always a good choice. It's almost odd that there is only one unit in this list!
    • Rat Swarms are more excellent chaff.
    • The Dreadmills all this army to deal with monsters very effectively at range (or even in CC!) Without the Dreadmills, this army would require a lot of other units to pick up the slack.
    • The Plague Catapults prove some ranged threat to block units, and are simply the most effective unit that you can bring for this role.
    Other good choices include: Jezails and/or more units of Plague Disicples. Otherwise this is the perfect VS netlist.

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