Attack Attribute

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    21.G Attack Attributes
    21.G.a Conditional Application
    21.G.b List of Attack Attributes:
    Accurate, Area Attack, Battle Focus, Crush Attack, Devastating Charge, Divine Attacks, Fight in Extra Rank, Flaming Attacks, Hatred, Inanimate, Lethal Strike, Lightning Reflexes, Magical Attacks, March and Shoot, Move or Fire, Multiple Wounds, Quick to Fire, Reload!, Toxic Attacks, Two-Handed, Unwieldy, Volley Fire, Shooting, Weapon Master.
    21.G Attack Attributes
    Attack Attributes can be given to a model part, to a weapon, to a spell, or to a Special Attack . Remember that an Attack Attribute that is given to a unit is automatically given to every model in that unit (see “Units ”, page 8 ), and if it is given to a model, it is automatically given to all model parts of that model (see “Multipart Models ”, page 7 ).

    Attack Attributes given to a weapon, spell, or Special Attack are always applied to the attacks made with that weapon, spell, or Special Attack. They are however not applied to any other attacks made by the corresponding model part.

    Example: A Character on a Chariot has a a Weapon Enchantment that makes the attacks made with its Hand Weapon Divine Attacks and Magical Attacks. This means that only the Close Combat Attacks made with the enchanted weapon become Divine Attacks and Magical Attacks, while all other attacks made by the model (e.g. Impact Hits and Close Combat Attacks from the horses pulling the Chariot) are not affected.

    Attack Attributes are divided into the following sub-categories that define what attacks they affect when given to a model part. Note that these sub-categories are irrelevant for Attack Attributes given to a weapon, spell, or an attack, including Special Attacks (so an Attack Attribute with the Close Combat keyword can be given e.g. to a Shooting Weapon).

    Close Combat
    A model part with an Attack Attribute with this keyword applies the rules of the Attack Attribute to all its Close Combat Attacks.

    A model part with an Attack Attribute with this keyword applies the rules of the Attack Attribute to all its Shooting Attacks that are not Special Attacks .

    Example: A unit is the target of a spell that makes the unit’s attacks Divine Attacks and Flaming Attacks. Divine Attacks has the keyword Close Combat, while Flaming Attacks has the keywords Close Combat and Shooting. This means that the Close Combat Attacks of all model parts of that unit are now both Divine Attacks and Flaming Attacks, while the Shooting Attacks of all model parts of the unit are only Flaming Attacks. Any Special Attacks (including Special Attacks that are Shooting Attacks) or spells from the unit are not affected.

    21.G.a Conditional Application
    Attack Attributes may only work against certain enemies, which are then stated in brackets after “against”. There may already be some piece of information relative to the rule specified between brackets, as in Multiple Wounds (2) . In this case the conditions for the rule to work are written in the same brackets, after a comma. This can e.g. be all models from a given Army Book, with a given Model Rule, of a given Height, or of a given Type.

    If the Attack Attribute is effective against more than one type of enemy, they are separated by commas. If no comma but instead “and” is used, this means that the rule works only against enemies that fulfil all criteria. For example, Multiple Wounds (2, against Large and Beasts, Gigantic) means that Multiple Wounds can be used against models that are both Large and Beasts, as well as against models that are Gigantic, regardless of the models’ Type.

    Attack Attributes with Conditional Application can only be applied when the affected attacks are either allocated towards or distributed onto a Health Pool where all models fulfil the requirements.

    21.G.b List of Attack Attributes
    21.G.b.1 Accurate – Shooting
    21.G.b.2 Area Attack (X×Y)
    21.G.b.3 Battle Focus – Close Combat
    21.G.b.4 Crush Attack – Close Combat
    21.G.b.5 Devastating Charge (X)
    21.G.b.6 Divine Attacks – Close Combat
    21.G.b.7 Fight in Extra Rank – Close Combat
    21.G.b.8 Flaming Attacks – Close Combat, Shooting
    21.G.b.9 Harnessed – Close Combat
    21.G.b.10 Hatred – Close Combat
    21.G.b.11 Inanimate – Close Combat
    21.G.b.12 Lethal Strike – Close Combat
    21.G.b.13 Lightning Reflexes – Close Combat
    21.G.b.14 Magical Attacks – Close Combat, Shooting
    21.G.b.15 March and Shoot – Shooting
    21.G.b.16 Move or Fire – Shooting
    21.G.b.17 Multiple Wounds (X) – Close Combat
    21.G.b.19 Quick to Fire – Shooting
    21.G.b.20 Reload! – Shooting
    21.G.b.21 Toxic Attacks – Close Combat
    21.G.b.22 Two-Handed
    21.G.b.23 Unwieldy – Shooting
    21.G.b.24 Volley Fire – Shooting
    21.G.b.25 Weapon Master – Close Combat

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